Search Engine Optimization

Is your site lacking the organic search traffic that you believe it should be getting? If so, there are a number of possible causes. Perhaps your website is suffering due to a technical error preventing bots from crawling it properly. Maybe your copy isn’t optimized for the topics prospective customers are looking for. Your site may even be the target of a negative SEO link building scheme.

Whatever the issue, I can help you identify it and resolve it. As the person responsible for optimizing a large ecommerce website, I’ve just about tackled every issue. Check out the sections below for a run-down on the solutions I can implement.

Image by William Warby

Are you having issues with duplicate content, slow site speed, or even the wrong version of your international site appearing in search? Technical SEO issues may be to blame.

Having started my career as a website developer, I have the skills necessary to tackle these problems head-on, rather than having to rely on third party developers. Here are just a few of the technical SEO solutions that I can implement to help you maximize site traffic and avoid site penalties.

Is traffic to your website from search engines light? Do the users that come to your website fail to interact and convert? Are they fleeing your site as soon as they enter it? There are several possible explanations for this behavior, all related to on-page SEO optimization.

Driving the wrong traffic to your website will accomplish nothing. As an SEO, I try to thoroughly understand the audience your website needs to reach, in order to only drive qualified, high-converting traffic to it. Check out the sections below to understand how I use on-page factors to ensure that the traffic I’m driving is the right traffic.

You’ve built your website, now you just need search engines and their users to find it. Where do you start? How do you attain high-quality backlinks and exposure?

If you need help getting the word out about your website, I can help you do it. I have not only built valuable backlinks through high-quality content marketing, I have also grown a Facebook account for a major ecommerce company to over 6,000 fans. You can check out some of my strategies below.